Tears of Fashion

Several fashion trends have merged to energize a classic favorite.

The teardrop motif—in gems and other jewelry design—is suddenly everywhere and looking fresh again. From rings to drop earrings, the theme is prevalent at all levels of the market.

The teardrop’s rediscovered fashionability plays off several recent developments in both jewelry and clothing fashion. The shape—asymmetrical by design—reflects the asymmetrical clothes that have populated the runways for several seasons, exposing consumers to shapes that defy conformity.

In addition, the pear shape has ridden the coattails of the briolette. After designers flooded the market last year with the romantic facets of delicate briolette cuts, jewelers began to think about the briolette’s evolution. At the same time, fashion began its return to sleek clothes that favor clean lines over ornate details. As a result, jewelry designers embraced the clean teardrop shape as a fresh take on the briolette. Today, the tear (a.k.a. pear, wave, droplet, etc.) is showing up as earring dangles, center stones for rings, and drops from chokers or lariat necklaces.