Supermodel, Super Designer?

High-end jewelry manufacturer Mouawad has decided that merely placing jewelry on supermodels isn’t enough. The well-known international jewelry firm, which last year launched a new, more accessibly priced collection in the United States, has teamed up with model Heidi Klum to co-design a new line.

The Heidi Klum Collection by Mouawad combines 18k white gold, colored gemstones, and diamonds manufactured by Mouawad. The collaboration with Klum started three years ago when the company sponsored the kick-off party for the AMFAR “Cinema Against AIDS” benefit at the Cannes Film Festival. It was at this event that Pascal Mouawad, vice president of Mouawad Group, dressed Heidi and fellow Victoria’s Secret models in Mouawad creations. Impressed with Klum’s knowledge of jewelry, Mouawad soon pursued a partnership.

“Heidi seemed to have an intuitive understanding of our design philosophy and a real appreciation of beautiful stones and workmanship,” Mouawad said. “So it was a natural decision to create a line of jewelry with Heidi. She has a real interest in the techniques of fine jewelry design.”

As for Klum, the job is a mix of personal and professional interests. “Jewelry is one of my greatest passions,” Klum said in a statement. “From contemporary styles to antiques, I love it all. The design process has been very exciting and fun for me. My clover motif was inspired by a marble inlay at the Milan Duomo. I want my collection to be classic and enduring.”