Something Different

Jeweler Robert Eigen, familiar with Maggie’s penchant for white, suggests she try a little yellow gold. As a young and fashionable woman, she is wooed by its importance in fashion this year.

“Yellow gold is back,” Robert tells her. “It’s really hot right now.”

Picking up on her favorite color, blue, he chooses for her a turquoise and rock crystal ring by Stephen Webster. At first glance, the large ring seems overpowering for Maggie’s petite build. On her hand, however, it brings a smile.

“I like big jewelry,” she says. “And this ring can go dressy or casual.”

She tries several other combinations: a long 22k lariat with hoop earrings, and yellow sapphire hoops with a necklace in diamonds and 18k gold from Mona Taner’s collection.

Robert suggests gold hoops and diamond studs—essentials, he says—but Maggie is drawn back to the Webster ring, which she feels cries out for a more “funky” necklace and earrings.

Having chosen her favorite piece, she and Robert build the outfit around it. A delicate blue topaz and 22k gold bracelet by Julie Baker is chosen: Its blue stones complement the ring while the style balances it.

“I love the ring because it’s so colorful and it makes a statement,” Maggie says. “It’s big, but it will look great with jeans or with something dressy. I like the bracelet for exactly the opposite reason—it’s dainty, feminine, and pretty.”

After attempts with hoop earrings leave her unsatisfied, she admits that she simply does not like the way earrings look on her, and Robert steers her instead to the necklace displays.

Considering her taste for simple, modern clothes, they choose an 18k gold necklace by Jordan Schlanger. The flexible collar’s sleek style does not overpower Maggie’s face or her clothes, yet it warms up her fair complexion. More important for her, however, is its construction.

“It’s really comfortable,” she says. “You don’t even feel like you’re wearing jewelry.”

The ultimate suite chosen is all yellow gold—a departure from her usual style. Maggie, however, is happy with the selection. Her initial resistance to yellow is overcome by her attraction to the gemstones.

“I like it,” she says. “It’s something different, and I do like the gold because the color is brought into it, and it is so warm.”

Smiling, she glances at her husband: “This is what I want for my birthday.”