Signity Gem Visions: Design Themes for 2004

Gem and crystal supplier Signity upped its fashion sense this fall by releasing “Gem Visions 2004″—a design-led initiative aiming to outline fashion themes for the year ahead.

“Gem Visions” taps two international fashion and trend watchers: Nathalie Colin in Paris and Vivienne Becker in London. The resulting report focuses on fashion, jewelry, colors, and themes, along with social and cultural trend information.

According to “Gem Visions 2004,” among the most important international trends influencing design right now are a need for protection and a sense of security; the search for truth and for ethical products; the longing for personal pleasure, comfort, and sensuality; the complexity of life and resulting multi-tasking lifestyle; the quest for individuality; and the need to escape via glamour. These themes are reflected in several fashion and design trends:

Sexual Elixir focuses on intimate luxury, couture craftsmanship, and rich vintage styling. The corresponding jewelry has a vintage feel, with tactile warmth and sensuality. These jewels are body conscious and feature movement. The colors that work within this trend are smoky hues like cognac and yellow tones.

Melting Gems features vibrant color and eclecticism infused with 1950s design inspiration. Jewelry is glamorous and eccentric with mixed materials and influences—for example, flower themes, large brooches, and deep collars in candy-like colors such as hot pink, blush, tangerine, and sherbet.

Aqua Sign is defined as soft and fluid. The jewelry features mystical symbols with spiritual meaning and nature themes such as fluid waves and drop-lets. The corresponding colors are ocean tones like blue, celadon, jade, and aquamarine.

Metal Fusion emphasizes powerful, industrial, and contemporary design that focuses on metals. The theme is illustrated by fashion’s taste for androgynous design. Metal fusion calls for strong designs that are oversized and urban in feel. Among the jewelry “Gem Visions” predicts will be popular are chains, cuffs, knuckleduster rings, and angular brooches, along with men’s jewelry. Colors that are strong within this Metal Fusion theme are all metallics, marcasite, copper, pewter, vintage gold, and gems that “merge into metals.”