Scott Kay … Bridal?

Effective immediately, Scott Kay Platinum has changed its name to Scott Kay Bridal. This move comes as a result of experimentation by the self-proclaimed “King of Platinum” with yet another metal—gold. (Kay branched into silver a year ago.) The name change also is designed to help disconnect association of his jewelry with platinum as a commodity.

“[Scott Kay Platinum] was necessary for a while to reposition the metal back to the level of prosperity it enjoyed years ago,” said Kay at the most recent JCK Show ~ Las Vegas. “But we’ve accomplished that, and now I want to reposition gold back as an elegant metal.”

Scott Kay Sterling, established in 2003, will retain its name. Though many in the industry immediately associate the word “sterling” with “silver,” the term “sterling” itself is not a commodity, so Kay will keep that name for his line of meticulously crafted, high-design jewelry with diamonds and gemstones for men and women.

Deciding to embrace gold designs wasn’t easy for the man who’d once snubbed all metals but platinum, but market research on U.S. population trends weighed in favor of the decision: The ethnic diversity of the landscape suggested that offering a yellow look in bridal would satisfy demand. As a result, Scott Kay Bridal now offers 80 18k gold bridal styles, all in its new “Vintage” collection.

But don’t ask Kay for white gold: “We’ll never make white gold,” said Kay. “Gold is naturally yellow, and that’s all we’ll ever use.”