Rumor mill

  • The Canary Sings. There’s reportedly a canary sitting on the hand of supermodel Heidi Klum. Klum, Victoria’s Secret sweetie and Mouawad jewelry collection collaborator, has been seen sporting a “major rock” according to tabloids. The rock appears to be a supersize canary diamond. At press time, rumors continued to swirl that the ring was actually an engagement ring from her beau, Seal. Neither party has yet confirmed.

  • Fred, Madge, and Guy. The renewal of vows to mark the four-year wedding anniversary of Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie may have been reported as “low-key,” but there was nothing understated about the accompanying jewelry. Ritchie reportedly presented Madonna with a ring worth about $185,000 from Paris jeweler Fred.

  • Nine of Diamonds. In yet more celebrity news, Jude Law broke a million hearts on Christmas Day, when he proposed to girlfriend Sienna Miller. Though—shockingly, in the endless who’s-wearing-what race—no jeweler immediately issued a press release claiming responsibility for the ring. Initial reports clock the ring as a gold band featuring nine diamonds set in platinum.