Rule Breakers

The dress code is changing. Where traditional “fine” jewelry strictly adhered to the “all precious” definition, today’s designers have disposed of that particular rule. Some of the freshest ideas in jewelry design—and fashion—incorporate dazzling diamonds, radiant gemstones, and fine precious metals strung on the likes of leather, rubber, and silk. The final look is fresh, fashionable, and often versatile (e.g., interchangeable leather or rubber cords in a rainbow of colors)—all strong selling points for today’s fashion-savvy customer. It also works with today’s more dressed-down lifestyles and wardrobes.

Not hurting this particular fashion trend is, of course, the economy. Placing a spectacular pendant on a black leather cord not only gives the entire piece an edgy and fashionable feel, it also lowers the overall cost to consumer—just a little added incentive.