Rosin Leaves J. Walter Thompson

After 20 years, “market liaison” Rachel Rosin recently said goodbye to the De Beers account and the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency.

For a generation, Rosin acted as an intermediary between sightholders and De Beers’ London office. But Rosin says that her job function is no longer essential in light of all the changes at De Beers.

However, she will still consult for De Beers’ Diamond Promotion Service and is open to doing work for sightholders and other manufacturers looking to expand their marketing. “I have no intention of leaving the industry,” she says. “This is a wonderful industry made up of fabulous people. Why would I leave?” She will remain active in the Jewelry Information Center, American ORT, UJA Federation, and American Jewish Committee.

Those who wish to stay in touch can e-mail her at (Note: The e-mail address is correct as written; there is no “l” in “racherosin.”)