Rio Grande Offers PMC Bezel Cups, New Carving Waxes

Rio Grande offers a new line of fine silver bezel cups that can be set in place with any type of Precious Metal Clay (PMC), and then safely fired in a kiln. Bezel cups are filled with PMC and set in cabochons or any other kiln-safe component. (Gemstones can be set in after the PMC is fired.) The cups come in a wide range of sizes and are available in round and oval styles with plain, serrated, and scalloped edge treatments.

The company also offers its new Wolf Wax gold- and silver-color carving waxes, which let customers see their design models in approximately the metal color they are intended to be. Medium-hard and slightly flexible, these waxes provide a smooth, polished surface for design details.

Both colors are available in a variety of forms: ring tubes (solid, center drilled, off-center drilled, and two flat-side tubes with different diameters), round bars, slices, and blocks. All are suitable for machine- and hand-carving, withstand considerable handling, and burn out cleanly.

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