Remembering a Friend

This week, I lost a friend. In fact, he was more than a friend. He was a role model. Majid (Mike) Zerovabeli was always first to join you if you needed a friend, and last to leave. He was always positive, always calm and collected, a comfort to anyone around him. He was a hard-working salesman on the road, yet he was a dedicated husband and father of four children.

He was murdered in cold blood, apparently shot in the back, completely defenseless. A store owner in Seguin, Texas, has allegedly confessed to shooting him in his own store and led authorities to the place he buried Majid and his merchandise.

Majid was murdered because the criminals that go after traveling salespeople are not afraid. Many robberies remain unsolved. I am not aware of a coordinated federal force that can effectively deter crimes against jewelers. Even if occasional arrests are made in traveling salesman cases, the criminals are released with a slap on the wrist. I know many salesmen who travel with their merchandise and lives exposed.

I hope everyone who cared for Majid, and all jewelers who care for their own well being, will unite. We have to make sure that if the store owner is convicted of this crime, he receives the same amount of mercy and leniency he extended to Majid. I know if Majid could judge him, he would have let him go, but we cannot be soft on these senseless criminals. If we let him go, then we are just inviting more criminals to rob our merchandise, dignity, and ultimately our lives.

Ron Rahmanan

Sara Gem Corporation