Q&A: The Key to Better Jewelry Ads

JCK interviewed Ellen Fruchtman, president of Fruchtman Marketing, Toledo, Ohio, for some insight into advertising strategies.

Please explain your advertising strategy for jewelers.

Ellen Fruchtman: Our jeweler ads feature plenty of white space. Typically, we include a photo of only one product, and copy is kept to a minimum. One headline, one product, and the jeweler. This minimalist approach draws readers’ eyes to the ad just as they’d be drawn to a bull’s-eye. Jewelers should remember that their print ad sits in the middle of a page surrounded by newsprint and other advertisements. If ads don’t have a lot of white space and a central focal point, what will make readers zero in on them?

What’s the key to an ad that looks good and drives home a message?

EF: Clever and/or emotionally driven headlines that focus more on the event, such as anniversaries, holidays, graduations, and birthdays, than the product. We want jewelry to be seen as a way to enhance and celebrate events so readers have an emotional reason to want jewelry and to buy it from a jeweler who shares their sentiments. Price points may or may not be included. When they are, we typically state “starting at $XX” so readers know there is something in the store for every taste and budget.

How do you know your jewelry-ad tactics are effective for your clients?

EF: We can’t say if the layout and style of the print ads alone contribute to a jeweler’s success, but ads are designed to complement the emotional impact of our broadcast spots, all of which run year-round for maximum awareness. However, we do know they are popular with consumers because our jewelers often receive “fan mail.” Most recently, one customer wrote: “I just wanted to compliment you on having the chutzpa to do these ads. I think they’re cutting edge, very well done, and will definitely get you noticed.”