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JCK’s most fundamental editorial goal is to help readers do a better job of running their businesses. In effect, we think of the magazine primarily as a form of continuing education. This doesn’t mean that we shortchange a vital part of any publication’s purpose, namely transmitting news. It is merely that we see news as a part of education; a better-informed person makes better-informed decisions.

Our information mission doesn’t end with the magazine. We carry it through with our data center, our various books and with the conference program for our show. Because most of you probably are ready now to make plans for your June visit to Las Vegas, this is a good time to take a look at this year’s conference program.

As in 1994, the program is divided into three main “tracks” – one dealing with many of the issues that arise in employee relations, a second dealing with a spectrum of other management matters and the third concentrating on the principal products that jewelers sell.

The track dealing with employees is sure to be especially popular. Is there any store owner or manager who hasn’t had sleepless nights worrying about difficult or unmotivated employees, how to reward superstars or how to handle the basics of hiring well and firing cleanly?

We’ve assembled a distinguished group to tackle all these staff-related topics and more, including such known favorites as Larry Helms, Mark Moeller, Shane Decker and Tom Tivol. We’ll also be introducing some well-respected speakers new to the JCK Show. Laura Laaman of Executive Training Consultants in Rochester, N.Y., comes highly recommended. So does Carney Chavis, executive vp, operations, at Rogers Ltd. in Middletown, Ohio.

We’ll delve into many non-staff-related management topics, too. Cynthia Cohen Turk, president of Marketplace 2000 in Coral Gables, Fla., is a lively speaker with a lively topic, the impact of demographics on any retail business. Chai Mann, who runs the successful Fox’s Gem Shop in Seattle, will talk about how to use the owner’s image to promote the store image. The irrepressible Mike Rapaport will be on hand to explain why we all must realize that we’re part of a truly global market and what that means to U.S. business.

Be sure to check the full program, which soon will be coming your way, and reserve your place. Tickets will be available for all sessions, at no cost, but space is limited. Those who attend are in for a real treat – and a great learning experience.

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