Publisher’s Notes


Early in this century, Bruce and Beatrice Gould molded The Ladies Home Journal into one of the world’s most influential magazines. Journalism professors still point to this as a remarkable and rare case of a successful husband-and-wife editorial partnership.

Rare as it may be, LHJ has nothing on JCK. For 22 years, George and Debbie Holmes have provided us with the same kind of rare editorial partnership…and leadership. It has worked well for the staff, the magazine and, I think most would agree, our readers. But as they say, nothing lasts forever.

Believe it or not, George has reached that magic age of retirement — even a couple of years beyond. So in just a few days, he will relinquish his reins as JCK’s chief editor and move on to a well-deserved future of new endeavors. Debbie, our managing editor, will move right along with him.

We must keep one fact in mind, however. It’s almost unheard of for JCK staffers to retire completely. There have been so many during my tenure as publisher who have agreed to continue working on special projects and as consultants. Such is the appeal of this fascinating industry and the intrigue of the publishing business. Wouldn’t we expect the same of George? After all, his predecessor and mentor, Don McNeil, “retired” nearly a quarter of a century ago and now, at age 88, still provides some valuable services to JCK and its readers.

So while George and Debbie are leaving, they’re not going far. We have some things for them to do — in their spare time, of course. George has agreed to work with us on reinvigorating one of the recently acquired IDP publications, Miami Diamonds and Jewelry. I’m sure we’ll be able to entice him into other projects also. And don’t be surprised if you run into George and Debbie at industry events from time to time.

I’ll resist the temptation to use this time and place to extol George’s many talents and achievements. I know he would prefer I didn’t. Most of his loyal readers have a good idea what they are anyway. Nor will I run down the long list of awards he’s received from the jewelry industry and his peers in professional journalism. Too many for this limited space anyway.

However, George, Iwould like to close this with some comments directed personally to you. I’m sure our loyal readers won’t mind.

I will always admire your constant pursuit of perfection and your penchant for teaching others to seek it as well. And I will always appreciate the friendship and help you’ve given to me. We’ve had a few tough times, offset by countless hours, months and years of good fortune and friendship. It’s been quite a ride, and I’ve enjoyed every minute.

Just thought you’d like to know.