Paspaley and Stuller Guarantee Natural Pearls, Gems

In November 2003, the Australian Pearl Centre—the wholesale division of Paspaley Pearling Company—began issuing certificates that guarantee all purchases of Paspaley South Sea cultured pearls are of natural color and luster and have not been artificially enhanced or treated.

The Certificate of Guarantee also assures jewelry wholesalers and retailers that Paspaley Pearls have been in the company’s care until their sale. The natural surface of each pearl is individually hand polished.

Not surprisingly, Stuller—Paspaley’s American distribution partner—also has announced its “natural” guarantee on a line of specialty colored gems. Every gemstone in this collection is guaranteed to be of natural color and clarity and to be free from any form of enhancement including heat, chemicals, irradiation, fillers, coatings, or any other manmade process. Guaranteed natural-colored gem varieties include bloodstone, chalcedony, chrysoprase, chrome pyrope garnet, color-change garnet, golden andradite garnet, rhodolite garnet, Mozambique garnet, spessartite garnet, tsavorite garnet, iolite, moonstone, nephrite jade, opal, peridot, black star sapphire, blue star sapphire, natural fancy sapphire, Mexican fire opal, and precious topaz.

For more information on Stuller products, call (800) 877-7777, or visit Paspaley can be reached via Stuller or at