One-Stop Shopping

Many jewelers are happy to offer advice to men seeking romantic ways to propose to their sweethearts. But Marc Green, vice chairman of Lux, Bond and Green, West Hartford, Conn., offers something extra. Green, a justice of the peace, can also perform the marriage ceremony.

If a couple come in together to look at rings Green often jokes, “Let’s do it now.” The humor helps ease the jitters that can arise when people contemplate a lifetime commitment. “You have to try to make it fun,” he says.

Green became a justice of the peace 15 years ago to help out a relative of his wife’s, who was skittish about being married in a religious ceremony. Since then, he’s performed weddings on the beach at sunset, in hot air balloons, and in a country club. “I’ve performed about 40 weddings, and I’ve married four of my employees-to other people, that is,” says Green, demonstrating his ability to minister to his customers with humor.