One Design and the Line Takes Off!

When Marcella Saltz’s mother refused to take Celebrex for her arthritis, the concerned daughter told her to get a copper bracelet, which some believe has healing properties. “No,” said the stubborn sculptor, who had never seen a stylish-looking copper model. Mom demanded: “Make one for me.”

Saltz did, and a new line was born. That first design—18k gold over copper, with diamond accents—spawned a series of patented copper-channel bracelets with fine-jewelry finishes in silver and 18k gold with diamonds and gemstones.

You never know where a good idea will come from or how new businesses and opportunities will evolve. “I just made one bracelet, and the business took off from there,” Saltz says. The bracelets were so popular that she based an entire business around them.

Fans of the bracelets include a golfer who tossed her outdated and ugly copper-only version and a circle of young kickboxers in New York. “They all love the brilliant look of the bracelets and the health benefits of copper,” says Saltz.

This one-time fashion-accessories designer has even caught the eye of Relios, Albuquerque, N.M.: They’ll now be her new distributor.