Old Gympie’s New Gold Mine

Old Gympie is not a miner with a limp. It’s one of the most significant rediscoveries of gold-in-quartz in a century. The Gympie Eldorado gold mine, located north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, was discovered in the 1860s and became famous for its “jewellers’ shops,” an area where the gold forms in seams shooting through white quartz. Because of its rarity, gold-in-quartz is more collected as art than worn as jewelry. The jewellers’ shops were soon exhausted, and none has been found there since—until three years ago.

New Mexico jewelry manufacturer Kabana, known for its smooth inlay of fine Australian black opal, has landed a contract with Gympie, which will allow it to create another unusual and collectible jewelry line. Because each piece of Gympie gold is unique, no two pieces will look the same.

For more information on Gympie gold, visit www.gympiegold.com.au; for information on Kabana’s Gympie gold jewelry wearable art collection, call (800) 521-5986.