No End to the Rainbow

The word on the street is that yellow gold is back. For most jewelers, however, it never really went away. Instead, the infusion of fashion into fine jewelry is creating “categories” in place of “trends.” Women are becoming confident in their own sense of style and buying fine jewelry to fit that style. And they are discovering that a fine jewelry wardrobe means not only knowing what designers think is “hot” but also knowing what looks “hot” for their individual coloring and taste.

Platinum and white gold, for example, may have started as a fad in the 1990s, but now it is comfortably situated as a strong category for women who look and feel best in white metals. Yellow gold is traditionally embraced by women of myriad skin tones and fashion types. The versatility of gold, however, allows women to find their niche within the rainbow of colorings available in that metal. Pink, peach, or green gold are favorites among fashion-forward designers and women who understand jewelry. Forget the rose gold of yesteryear; pinkish gold is warm, subtle, and romantic. Green gold, meanwhile, has a rich, elegant coloring. In short, stocking up on gold means following the rainbow of possibilities to … well, you know what’s at the end!