New Watchmaker Group Formed

A new national association for watchmakers, called The Society for Professional Watchmakers, has been formed. Its aim, says founder and executive director Dan Gendron, is “preservation of watch repair as an economically viable and professional career,” and to enable “watchmakers, as a commercial group, to band together for our common good.” The SPW already has nine state chapters, in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

Gendron, a sixth-generation horologist and well-known speaker and consultant in watch repair, says the SPW will “address such issues as spare parts availability, education as a legacy to future generations of watchmakers, and group health and business insurance for members.” It is open, he said, to all watchmakers actively employed or self-employed, regardless of skill level or type of training. Retail jewelers and material supply houses are welcome as associate members. Dues as of January 2002 will be $10 per year.

Contact the SPW at 2500 N. Cambridge Ave., Roswell, NM 88201; (888) 750-3330; e-mail:; or visit