New Upgrade for ‘Businessmind’ Software

DCIT Corporation recently introduced BusinessMind for Jewelers v. 2.10, the latest version of the software suite, with dozens of new features and improvements. The new version is available as separate BMJ products for jewelry retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Users of any BusinessMind 2002 and later software system with an active support and upgrade subscription can download the latest software release from DCIT’s Web site free of charge.

Version 2.10 features component-based software architecture, SQL technology, cross-platform compatibility with Unix, and a graphical Windows-style interface. BusinessMind for Jewelers is designed for use in both multi-location network environments and single-station systems.

DCIT Corp. offers software and technology services for business computing on all major platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. DCIT specializes in the global gem and jewelry industries. Visit the company’s Web site at