New Corporation Markets Casting Grain

Precious metals suppliers ABI Precious Metals, Carson, Calif., and Refining One Inc., Providence, R.I., have joined forces to purchase the patent for Sterilite, a sterling silver product that is said to significantly inhibit tarnishing. The joint venture has formed a new corporation, Sterilite LLC.

The two companies will act as exclusive marketing representatives for the product line that includes casting grain, sheet, wire, and tubing products.

Sterilite sterling silver is formulated by reducing the amount of copper in the traditional sterling blend and substituting elements that decrease oxidation. The resulting material has a tighter grain structure that is said to yield an improved surface finish with reduced porosity. Typical applications for Sterilite mill products include earrings, bracelets, findings, sterling flatware, and gift accessories.

For information contact ABI Precious Metals at (800) 878-2242, or Refining One at (800) 733-4631.