MJSA Meets With FAA

Since Sept. 11, many jewelers have been stopped for random checks by airport security personnel and asked to open their bags, sometimes exposing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. In April, Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America president and CEO James F. Marquart met with representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to advise it on the unique needs of traveling jewelers. Also at the meeting were John Kennedy of the Jewelers Security Alliance, Paul Nordt of John C. Nordt Co., and MJSA lobbyist John Satagaj. In addition, a letter of support from Dana Singer, executive director of the Society of North American goldsmiths, was presented to the FAA.

As a result, MJSA will be involved in the training of a new security workforce expected to be in place by November 2002. In the meantime, MJSA will publish guidelines for temporary procedures that will help jewelers deal with current security practices. For more information, contact MJSA at (800) 444-6572.