Michele, Ventura Change Names

Two watch brands are changing names to avoid confusion.

  • Ventura Design, known for its sleek, high-tech Futura and SPARC watches, has learned that another company has already registered the Futura name in the United States. While the Swiss company could continue to use Futura outside America (it is registered in Asia and Europe), the company said in a statement that it doesn’t consider “two different names for one product as practical.”
    The new worldwide name for its watches is “Ventura SPARC fx,” which, according to the statement, is “practical for two reasons.” The company’s new SPARC Auto-Quartz collection uses the same base technology as the SPARC fx. Also, the name SPARC is already registered by Ventura “in all relevant countries” and can be used immediately, says the company.

  • Michele Watches, best known for its Ultimate Diamond Chronograph, has changed its name following the recent introduction of its men’s watches at Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus. “No matter how desirable it was, men would resist buying a wristwatch as long as it had a woman’s name on the face,” said a company statement.

The new name, announced in July, is “MW Collection” (the MW stands for Men/Women as well as Michele Watches). The company will introduce the new name to the public in a gradual transition phase, during which its watches will be known as the “MW Collection by Michele.”