Meet Me at the Show

Some 60% of jewelers who responded to a recent JCK Retail Panel survey said that during the past six months some of their suppliers had asked them to attend jewelry industry trade shows to see new product lines. Sixty-two percent of jewelers say they’ll accommodate those vendors, partly because they recognize the risks for traveling salespeople. Other reasons for attending trade shows include seeing a greater variety of products, rewarding staff, tacking on vacation time, comparing and taking on new vendors, shopping for discounts, and visiting with other retailers.

More than 75% of jewelers surveyed said they asked suppliers to bring lines to their stores anywhere from one to three times annually.

Do you ask vendors to bring product lines—new or existing—to your store?

Yes 75.7%

No 24.3%

Do you usually ask vendors to host trunk shows or just show their lines?

Trunk shows 24%

Show lines 76%

In the past six months, have any of your suppliers asked you to attend trade shows to view product lines, instead of visiting your store?

Yes 59.8%

No 40.2%

If so, what percentage of suppliers made this request?







Will you accommodate them by traveling to a trade show?

Yes 61.6%

No 38.4%

Note: Respondents were permitted to select more than one response.