Marketing for the Ages: How to Reach Customers of Any and Every Generation

So often when we talk about generations, we talk about the things that separate us. And sure enough, as you read through our four-part series on the generations that wield power in retail today, you’ll find plenty of distinctions, from the marketing language that appeals to boomers (hint: avoid calling them seniors) to up-and-coming Gen Z’s thriftiness.

After doing our homework, however, we’ve found there are just as many similarities. Among the truths that apply across the so-called generational divide: Consumers of all ages can be found online, they are engaged by brands that offer great-quality products backed by authentic storytelling, and they are big fans of jewelry. Yes, we’re talkin’ ’bout your generation—whatever it may be.

Marketing to Boomers: Why You Need the “Me” Generation

Marketing to Generation X: Get Lucky With the 13th Generation

Marketing to Millennials: Or Gen Y, As They’re Also Known

Marketing to Generation Z: Living a Teenage Dream


(L–R: Justin Paget/Getty Images, Cultura RM/Alamy, Portra Images/Getty Images, Andreas Kuehn/Getty Images)