Lobbymercials and Be-Back DVDS Offered

K.T. Productions of Roswell, N.M., has created “LobbyMercials” and “Be-Back” DVDs for jewelers. The Be-Back DVD is given to customers who have said, “I’ll be back.” It’s a short infomercial about the business that may include information about business practices, special offers, services, etc. For information, call (888) 750-3330 or visit www.bebackdvd.com

A LobbyMercial is a sign that uses television. It’s based on the idea that most jewelers are reluctant to place signs throughout their stores to let customers know about their services but wouldn’t mind having a television on the premises to provide information to customers while they’re waiting or browsing.

For information, call (888) 750-3330 or visit www.lobbymercial.com.