LJ International Launches Watch Line

LJ International of Hong Kong, the world’s largest publicly owned manufacturer of semiprecious jewelry, has launched its own watch line. “Our new watch jewelry line creates a new revenue stream and is consistent with our product diversification strategy,” says chairman and chief executive officer Yu Chuan Yih. Already a dominant force in the semiprecious gem sector, the company’s strategy now is to quickly expand into other large markets with growth opportunities.

The new line, set with precious and semiprecious gems, is selling in the United States, according to a company statement, and will be introduced in Europe within the next few months. It uses colored stones in combination with silver to create what a company spokesman called “comfort and fashion.” There are more than 100 styles in the line, which is sold through major jewelry and watch retailers.

Yih noted some “technical obstacles” in producing precious gem jewelry products, including precision stone cutting in spread and thickness, construction that preserves the look and flexibility of the bracelet, complications of the stone-setting process, correct dimension of design, and play of color. “We have solved all of these obstacles and manufacture the new line by using both available techniques of stamping and casting, with rapid production and dependable fulfillment,” he says.

Contact LJ International, Focal Industrial Center, 21 Man Lok Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong; e-mail: ycyih@ljintl.com or ringong@ljintl.com.