Legendary Rubies Donated to GIA

A medley of Ramaura synthetic ruby crystals and synthetic alexandrite worth more than $100,000 has been gifted to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) by Judith Osmer, CEO of J.O. Crystal Inc. Osmer said she bestowed the collection of faceted and rough pieces to GIA to preserve the legacy of her lifelong work. J.O. Crystal is noted for producing high-yielding, flux-grown synthetic ruby. Osmer has been perfecting the technique since the early 1960s, when she worked as a lab technician for Hughes Research Laboratory, and later as a scientist for the Aerospace Corp. Ramaura synthetic rubies have all the physical, chemical, and optical properties of their natural counterparts, with the exception of unique inclusions caused by flux material found in a number of gems. A dopant is added to create a distinguishing identification characteristic, and gem colors range from orangey red, to red, to purplish red.