Laser-Inscribed Color Masters

The Jewelry Judge now offers Laser-Inscribed Color Masters, the first available certified laser-inscribed CZ grading masters. Each stone is carefully graded by a professional and validated using a colorimeter; the color grade is then laser-inscribed into the stone, making them easy to identify and separate should they be dropped or mixed up during use. Each Color Masters set includes grading certifications for each stone, a registration for the set, and a lifetime limited guarantee against color change. The sets retail for $369 each; distributor and batch discounts are available.

For distributor/dealer information, contact David G. Nelson, Oris Nelson Enterprise Inc., 511 N. Indian River Dr., Suite A, Fort Pierce, FL 34950; (561) 429-0045, fax (561) 429-0170, e-mail:, For sales information, contact Euro Tool, Inc., 11449 Randall Dr., Lenexa, KS 66215; (800) 552-3131, fax (800) 619-4577, e-mail: