Karats Count

The newest line by international design house Chopard changes the emphasis from carats to karats.

Golden Diamonds, a new creation by Chopard’s Caroline Gruosi-Schufele, takes white, pink, and yellow gold and shapes it into faceted “stones.” And in a radical shift, the golden “stones” are held in place with diamonds and other colored gemstones.

“Even though gold usually holds a diamond in its claws, why not reverse the roles: give pride of place to the precious metal by transforming it into a diamond?” says Gruosi-Schufele.

The gold is in traditional gem forms such as heart, pear, cushion, and baguette shapes, with facets that lend the metal a gem-like sparkle. That sparkle is enhanced by accent stones like brown diamonds or fancy-color sapphires.

The Golden Diamonds line uses the faceted gold in a diverse mix of styles, from hippie-chic to delicate, romantic creations. The entire line is crafted in 18k gold.