JVC and MJSA Team Up

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee and the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America have combined forces to offer precious metals testing to MJSA members. The two-year-old program, funded by a Jewelers Circular Keystone grant, offers affordable nondestructive X-ray assay to help retailers and manufacturers maintain quality control. JVC executive director and general counsel Cecilia L. Gardner notes that more than 1,000 tests to determine karatage of various jewelry products were performed last year.

Under the new agreement, MJSA members will pay a discounted rate of $10 per test plus shipping. The service is available industrywide for $15 per test plus shipping. JVC members receive five free tests per year and high-volume users receive further discounts.

MJSA members who want to participate in the program should call (800) 444-MJSA, extension 3015 or e-mail bgamba@mjsainc.com.