June is Diamond Month!

Technically, the hardest substance in the world is really the birthstone for April, but every June, JCK‘s annual diamond focus issue examines the latest trends and developments in the diamond industry.

This year’s diamond hot buttons include the long-awaited launch (maybe) of GIA’s cut grade, the result of years of study and—not surprisingly—the subject of great debate. We also analyze the impact of new gem-quality synthetic diamonds in potentially market-viable quantities, and the hot design news is the increasing popularity of new/old cuts like the Asscher, the rose, and the cushion.

Ongoing issues such as conflict diamonds are still in the news, particularly in light of a sobering new report from nongovernmental organization Global Witness accusing a number of jewelry stores of being unprepared to offer proper conflict-free assurances at the counter (see Up Front, “Industry Hits Back at NGO Report,” page 20).

Finally, for a quick and easy way to calculate diamond measurements, turn to page 104. Learn how to find the important pavilion and crown main angles from measurements of pavilion depth or table size and crown height, using common gemological equipment and a $16 calculator.