JSA, JMI Issue Advisories

The Jewelers’ Security Alliance and Jewelers Mutual Insurance issued the following advisories following Sept. 11’s disaster:

  • Security. Both warned jewelers and traveling salespeople to be more security-conscious. South American theft gangs will take “full advantage of this crisis” to rob traveling salespeople, says JSA president John Kennedy. “With law enforcement’s attention directed away from normal things, there is opportunity for more crime,” adds JMI president Ron Harder. “Be vigilant and cognizant of what happens in your store.
    JSA also reissued its advice to jewelers for handling sudden emergencies. First prepared in the 1990s, JSA’s newly revised checklist covers what businesses should do before and after any disaster. It is available by request from JSA as well as on the organization’s Web site (www.jewelerssecurity.org).

  • Air travel. No jeweler’s block policies cover jewelry lines checked as baggage. If an airline restricts carry-on luggage, “consider alternatives such as shipping the line via armored courier or driving to the destination,” says Harder. For more information, visit www.jewelersmutual.com.

If carry-on jewelry bags are allowed, says Kennedy, opening them for airport security won’t increase risk of theft. However, quietly tell security personnel what is in the bag, to ensure that they check it without attracting attention. Also, “airports have never been safer for jewelers or salespeople than now,” says Kennedy. “They have armed [military] people patrolling the airports, and more law enforcement.”