Jewels for any body

If you think a belly button ring is “weird,” it’s time to brush up on pop culture. While belly-baring fashions are headed out in fashion capitals like New York, word on the street is that skin is still in. From toe rings to belly chains, from body piercings to the demure anklet, a taste for luxe on the body has created the perfect scenario for this category.

The bare trend—encouraging everything from minis and halters in warm weather to low-rise denim any time of year—helped take body jewelry from fringe to mainstream, especially for Generations X and Y. Meanwhile, other customers might add a bejeweled belt or shawl to a dress. While body jewelry might seem more of a “costume” category, these savvy consumers with a penchant for brands and quality demand precious versions of their body jewels—and they’ll seek out jewelers who are hip enough to understand that.