Jeweler Finds Charitable Use for Old Treasures

The Kazanjian Foundation, the charitable arm of Kazanjian Bros. Inc. jewelry company, has announced a new service. Through the foundation, individuals can donate jewelry to a worthy cause and still receive a tax deduction—often worth more than what could be obtained in an outright sale.

Michael Kazanjian, owner of Kazanjian Bros. and president of the foundation, said, “We are committed to underwriting all expenses so that 100% of all proceeds reach the many charities that we serve. Meanwhile, individual donors can also claim the highest tax deduction allowed by law.”

The Kazanjian Foundation’s collection started with a gift of 10 years’ accumulation of pieces collected from celebrities including Clark Gable, Eva Gabor, Bing Crosby, Howard Hughes, and the Shah of Iran. The foundation plans to organize a tour throughout the United States and possibly overseas to feature the jewelry donated thus far. The traveling “Kazanjian Foundation Collection” will be seen in fine-jewelry stores and galleries as well as other appropriate venues. Kazanjian hopes that the exhibits will raise awareness of the foundation and encourage additional donations of estate jewelry, thus serving other charities as the original items are converted into dollars. A few pieces of the Kazanjian Foundation Collection were displayed at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas from May 30 to June 4.

Established in 1957, The Kazanjian Foundation is a charitable nonprofit organization established to support scientific, artistic, cultural, and other worthy causes, with an emphasis on programs for disadvantaged children. The foundation began when Harry and James Kazanjian donated four busts—carved out of sapphire in the likeness of U.S. Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Eisenhower—to the White House. The gesture was meant to be a patriotic tribute and thank-you for the liberty the United States provides to the American people. Today, The Kazanjian Foundation continues in the spirit established by its founders by helping provide education and opportunity to others. For more information, visit or call (310) 278-0811.