JCK Web Site Offers Lexis-Nexis

Research powerhouse Lexis-Nexis, an Internet news service, and JCK magazine have joined forces to provide the jewelry industry with comprehensive global jewelry news coverage. Lexis-Nexis is free of charge and accessible to all viewers of the JCK Web site, www.jckgroup.com. Included in the service are five different categories of news coverage: diamonds, gemstones and pearls, retail jewelers’ news, jewelry trends and style news, and crime and security information.

Using custom-made jewelry search strings, JCK scans thousands of international news publications in seconds, posting fresh, relevant news and trend articles under the appropriate Lexis-Nexis headline on the JCK magazine homepage. The new feature gives jewelers a daily “one-stop-shop” for global news and trends specific to the jewelry industry.

For example, the jewelry trends and style heading offers such information as European style trends and international fashion reports. The security information section alerts viewers to potential crime schemes, while the gems, pearls, and diamonds section covers a variety of news from mining to distribution to political events affecting the market. Jewelers also can use Lexis-Nexis to access local newspapers from around the country in order to follow business trends in their own area or in neighboring states.

To access the Lexis-Nexis news service, go to www.jckgroup.com and click on the magazine cover to bring up the magazine’s homepage. The Lexis-Nexis link appears below the daily news headlines.