JCK Poll Shows Tanzanite Slipping

Reports from the trade over the past few years have claimed that tanzanite is as popular as ruby and sapphire and has outpaced emerald to become one of the top three most popular colored gemstones. However, a recent poll of JCK‘s retail jewelers panel placed the East African gem fifth behind amethyst.

Sapphire was the top colored gem, getting 88% of retail panel votes. Ruby and emerald followed, scoring 54% and 47%, respectively. Amethyst finished fourth, with 41%. Tanzanite’s fifth-place spot (35%) is still respectable, considering that it’s not even a birthstone.

Other popular gems on the best-seller list were garnets, topaz, opal, tourmaline, citrine, peridot, and aquamarine.

There were a few unusual responses to the question, “What are your four top-selling gemstones?” Three retail jewelers on our panel listed created corundum, created alexandrite, and red beryl.