JA Develops Self-Assessmnet Tool for Conflict-Diamonds Issue

Jewelers of America has developed a self-assessment checklist to help its members meet their responsibilities under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties.

This self-assessment tool, available in the members-only section of JA’s Web site, is designed to help JA members and their staffs evaluate their knowledge, policies, and practices regarding conflict diamonds. The checklist serves as a reminder of what policies a JA retail jeweler should have in place and as a self- appraisal of how effectively they are carrying out those policies.

The checklist asks a series of questions regarding store policies on conflict diamonds and gives three options for answering (“yes,” “somewhat,” and “no”).

A summary of the conflict-diamonds issue and a set of talking points for use with consumers, media, and advocacy groups are also available on the Web site. JA members who are unfamiliar with the issue can read the summary and talking points prior to using the checklist in order to properly acquaint themselves with the subject matter.

Nonmembers who wish to gain access to the self-assessment checklist and to be eligible for JA’s other member benefits and services are invited to join Jewelers of America by calling (800) 223-0673 or visiting www.jewelers.org.