IGI Partners With Ebay

The International Gemmological Institute (IGI) has announced that it will begin offering its services through the eBay online trading community. More than 110,000 items are offered daily in eBay’s jewelry and gemstones categories.

IGI will offer certification to eBay customers for diamonds, fine gemstones, and articles of jewelry. Through a link on eBay.com’s jewelry page, sellers can learn how to submit their pieces for certification, and buyers can learn the importance of certification.

In addition, eBay customers will receive a 5% discount on IGI services and a free digital image of the IGI report, including a photo of their gemstone or fine jewelry. Sellers can post the documents and the IGI icon within their eBay listings to reassure potential buyers about the item’s authenticity, identification, and grade.

Also available at a 5% discount is Laserscribe, a patented laser inscription service. When laser-inscribed with an IGI report number, a diamond is traceable through IGI’s Registration and Recovery Service if the stone or the IGI certificate or disk are stolen or misplaced. This process is permanent and will not affect the diamond’s quality.

IGI, 579 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10017; (212) 753-7100, fax (212) 753-7759, www.igiworldwide.com.