IGI Illuminates New York City

The International Gemological Institute (IGI), has funded the relighting of the cable (or necklace) lights that outline the tops of the four East River bridges in New York City.

The city’s official relighting ceremony took place Nov. 5 at the River Café overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. The ceremony was hosted by Department of Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall. At the event, IGI was presented with a plaque on behalf of the city as well as a framed picture of the Brooklyn Bridge with necklace lights shining.

The city turned off the necklace lights on the Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Queensboro Bridges last March as part of an effort to cut unnecessary spending. IGI approached Mayor Michael Bloomberg about financially supporting the city’s necklace lights, and, along with three other organizations, is donating the funds necessary to keep the lights illuminated for the next two years.