Ice-Tek Becomes Official NBA Sponsor

Ice-Tek Watch Company announced in late September that it’s the official sponsor for select teams in the National Basketball Association including the Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat, and Atlanta Hawks. The deal gives Ice-Tek television and radio spots during each team’s programming and involves the brand in contests and fan giveaways.

“Ice-Tek is thrilled to be working with these professional basketball teams,” says Daniel Pasternak, co-founder of Ice-Tek. “Many athletes wear and love our watches, so it feels right to be working together.” He also notes that being in Detroit, Miami, and Atlanta “will increase our exposure tremendously.”

This is the first national sponsorship deal for Ice-Tek Watch Co., which launched in 2003. Ice-Tek watches are oversized timepieces with full-cut white diamonds in specially crafted stainless-steel frames. The newest model is Quintempo II, a five-time-zone watch with 6.5 cts. of diamonds on it.