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The table at right represents nationwide sales of specific merchandise lines, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The merchandise line sales listed are jewelry-store specific. Data from 1997 are classified under the new North American Industry Classification System; data from 1992 were classified under the Standard Industrial Classification system. Certain products are now grouped differently, and JCK has defined the lines as clearly as possible according to SIC/NAICS descriptions given by the Census.

The Census extends an invitation to obtain more specific data about your state or metropolitan area, such as what merchandise is being sold. Call analysts at the Retail Census branch of the Bureau at (301) 457-2687.

What Do Jewelry Shoppers Buy?

1992 Nationwide Jewelry Store Sales 1997 Nationwide Jewelry Store Sales

China & glassware

$168.7 million

$130 million

Flatware & holloware

$127 million

$124.7 million


$47.3 million

$77.4 million

Diamond jewelry

$5 billion

$7.2 billion

Pearl jewelry

$481.6 million

$627.8 million

Other gemstone jewelry

$1.7 billion

$1.9 billion

Loose gemstones

$497.7 million

$788.4 million

Karat gold jewelry

$2.8 billion

$3 billion


$1.5 billion

$2.1 billion

Estate/antique jewelry

$299.7 million

$591.3 million

Other jewelry*

$591.9 million

$701.9 million

Platinum jewelry


$153.7 million

Coins, medals, and other numismatic items

$11.4 million

$44.3 million

Labor charges for work by this establishment

$343.3 million

$385.3 million

Parts installed in repair

$65.7 million

$179.2 million

Other non-merchandise receipts (including receipts from customers for storage, rental, or lease of tools and equipment)

$25.4 million

$21.9 million

* Including watchbands, gold-filled, sterling, costume, and novelty jewelry