How to Develop a Signature Style

Vogue‘s Anna Wintour has her oversize dark sunglasses, and Phillip Bloch frequently wears a Kangol cap—so what’s your personal style statement? Look to icons such as these for inspiration for your own quest for style—or for that of your customers. “Learn from style arbiters and find your signature statement to help personalize your look,” suggests Cynthia Nellis, an expert on women’s fashion for Web site After all, accessories, including jewelry, can be an easy way to create a personalized look.

To get that uniqueness, heed these tips (and share them with your customers):

  • Determine your general style; is it traditional, modern, fashion forward, or casual?

  • State what you’re trying to accomplish with your signature style. Do you want to be trendy, classic, or something else?

  • Study famous tastemakers, such as Karl Lagerfeld.

  • Be inspired by other looks; tweak colors or alter designs, but beware trademark infringements!

  • Trading out soft colors for bold ones? Do so gradually to see the new look in stages to see how it works.

  • Experiment and alter your signature style; evolve as you grow more confident.

  • Use signature styles to camouflage flaws or highlight great features.