Goldman Takes Design Sense Wholesale

Fragments’ president, Janet Goldman, New York, is aiming to share her skill as a trendsetting and fashion-savvy jewelry retailer with her peers. She not only opened a Madison Avenue boutique to market higher-end fine fashion jewelry pieces to customers on Manhattan’s tony Upper East Side but also hopes to show fine-jewelry stores a thing or two about how to sell designer wares and “encourage fashion sensibility” among jewelry shoppers.

According to Goldman, a 20-year industry veteran, all Fragments’ designers produce “Aha!” reactions from Fragments shoppers. The next step, she says, is working the wholesale side of the business. “Now I’d like to help jewelers buy what’s appropriate for their markets and bring new business and a new generation of customer into their stores,” Goldman says.

To do so, jewelers will peruse jewelry collections available through Fragments and pick three or four designers—with assistance from Goldman, based on what’s best for jewelers’ markets and demographics. Then Goldman will furnish jewelers with in-store fixtures, on-site training, and more. The idea is to create a cohesive and concise presentation of several collections that will spark new interest in a store’s customer base, she says.

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