G.L.D.A. Plans Move for 2005

The G.L.D.A. show is one of the longest-running shows in Tucson. For the past 25 years, its roughly 350 exhibit booths have been at one of the premier locations, just one block from the Tucson Convention Center. While the venue has changed names a number of times (it’s now the Radisson), G.L.D.A. has stood firm. But, in an effort to expand and upgrade the quality of the show with a more comfortable environment for both exhibitors and buyers, G.L.D.A. will make a move next year.

Beginning in 2005, the G.L.D.A. show will be held at the new Tucson Starr Pass Marriott Resort Hotel & Spa, about five miles from the Radisson. The 2005 show will have room for approximately 425 exhibit booths, all in one central convention area comprising two large ballrooms, several smaller meeting rooms, and a large number of lobby booths.

According to G.L.D.A., the Radisson will not host a show in 2005. G.L.D.A. will use the Radisson for room overflow for the Marriott show and plans to run frequent shuttles between the Marriott and the Radisson.

A current exhibitor’s list can be seen online at www.glda.com/exhibitors_select.asp?data=Tucson+Radisson.

To register for the 2004 G.L.D.A. show, log onto www.glda.com/tucson_registration_form.html.