GIA Goes Designer

To help the Gemological Institute of America expand its museum display collection, the American Jewelry Design Council is collaborating with GIA to create a special collection of contemporary designer jewelry.

The collection will consist of signature pieces donated to GIA by AJDC members. Each piece will best represent the AJDC member’s personal style. Jose Hess is the campaign’s honorary chairman, while other designers including Jane Bohan, Michael Good, Susan Helmich, Scott Keating, Christoph Krahenmann, and Mark Schneider also are creating pieces for the collection.

The GIA and AJDC members are aiming to have the collection complete in time to debut during The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas in June 2004.

“We’d like the collection to be featured in our traveling exhibits so that people from around the globe can get a chance to see these incredible designer pieces,” Patricia Syvrud, GIA’s manager of collection development and in-kind gifts, said in a statement.

From the designer standpoint, the joint venture is an opportunity to expand the audience for designer jewelry.

“This collection will help the public become educated on the intricacies of American jewelry design,” said Hess.