GIA Debuts Jewelry Finance Program

The Gemological Institute of America introduced a Jewelry Finance diploma program at its Carlsbad, Calif. campus in October. It joins the Jewelry Business Principles diploma program (formally Graduate Retail Management) as part of the curriculum of GIA’s recently established School of Business—the first school of its kind to teach management skills as they apply specifically to the jewelry industry. Additional diploma programs in merchandising and business law are slated to begin in 2003, with others planned.

In the Economics in the Jewelry Industry course, students will learn how national and international events affect the economy and, specifically, a jewelry business. The basic language of economics, its concepts, theories, and practical applications in the jewelry industry, and how to apply these principles to their business also will be taught.

The Managerial Accounting course—designed for even those with little to no accounting experience—covers how to organize, maintain, and analyze financial information. It also includes practice in “keeping the books,” working with balance sheets, and using basic computer software to track accounts in a “test case” of a student’s own jewelry business.

The third course of the Jewelry Finance program, Applied Business Math, will teach students the fundamentals of business math and how to apply these skills to their jewelry operations. Students will also learn how simple financial calculations can influence business decisions.

For more information about the Jewelry Finance diploma program and the GIA School of Business, call (800) 421-7250, ext. 4001, or visit