Gemprint Opens New York Office

Gemprint, the Toronto-based company that offers the laser-reflection diamond identification system, has opened a New York City office to the diamond trade. Any business with at least 50 stones can have them Gemprinted at the office and immediately receive Gemprint Certificates of Registration. This marks the first time Gemprint has offered the service at one of its own facilities. James Tuck, vice president of business development, will manage the office.

The time required to Gemprint 50 stones is about one hour, with a 5-minute setup. “With virtually no disruption to their ongoing business, and in less than an hour, anyone can have 50 diamonds Gemprinted and registered in the international database,” says Tuck. There is no premium charge for the service, which is also available to diamond retailers, e-commerce sites, grading laboratories, diamond cutters, wholesalers, and manufacturers. For an appointment, call (201) 434-8655. For information about Gemprint, call (416) 626-0411, e-mail: