GemEx Unveils New Web Site

GemEx Systems Inc. recently launched “The Science of Beauty,” a diamond marketing Web site. Designed to support and recruit select authorized jewelers, the new interactive site ( provides password-protected sales and marketing features and benefits such as training, advertising, and promotional materials as well as public relations support. A special section for consumers includes information and tips on how to buy a diamond.

GemEx Systems developed the BrillianceScope Analyzer, which rates and authenticates a diamond’s beauty by scanning and measuring its light return.

The new Web site offers a number of tools to authorized GemEx retailers, including ready-to-run, pull-down print, radio, and TV ads that can be downloaded in four different formats; counter cards, brochures, posters, and other point-of-purchase materials; a training section with a variety of marketing aids to help jewelers sell GemEx-rated diamonds; public relations support from a New York City agency; news and information on ongoing sales promotions and products; and an image inventory of more than 5,000 diamonds, each of which comes with a GemEx Light Performance Analysis Report documenting the brilliance and beauty of the stones.

The site’s consumer section includes a guide to buying a diamond; the “four Cs”; explanations of the GemEx analyzer, viewer, and light performance reports; customer and editorial testimonials; and a directory of independent retail jewelers who sell diamonds accompanied by GemEx reports.