Fun Facts From the Feds

The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2003 Statistical Abstract of the United States is a hodgepodge of facts and figures about our country and its habits. Below are some that might interest jewelers, but you can view the entire document online—free of charge—at

  • The median net worth (assets minus liabilities) of U.S. families reached $86,100 in 2001, up from $78,000 in 1998 (constant 2001 dollars used).

  • The number of registered Republicans increased 14.3% from 1996 to 2000, while the number of Democrats decreased 10.3%. But don’t fret, diehard Democrats: The number of Democrats in the United States (52%) still outnumbers the number of Republicans (48%). Voter registration statistics indicate that 63.9% of the voting-age population is registered to vote, and 54.7% voted in the year 2000.

  • There are 2.3 million marriages every year—and half as many divorces.

  • Dogs are the most popular pet: 36.1% of Americans own them, 31.6% own cats, 4.6% own birds, and 1.7% own horses.

  • Baseball is America’s favorite sport (to attend once a month), followed by professional basketball games, high school sports, weekend professional football games, college football games, ice hockey, college basketball, golf, and others.